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Score Solutions

I LOVE being "in the room where it happens" when it comes to bringing new piano music to life!


You are here because your piano music would benefit from feedback from a "playability" perspective. It's often just a matter of a few simple adjustments based on hand geography, bodily momentum, or creative fingering and hand divisions to make your score significantly more attractive and playable. That's where I can help.

I will provide you with a detailed review of your solo, chamber, or orchestral piano part from my perspective as an expert pianist and pedagogue with over a decade of experience performing and collaborating with composers. 

My score review services have proven crucial to composers from every career stage including students, working composers hustling for more performances and collaborators, and established composers already receiving many performances each year. 

Contact me at to start a conversation, discuss services, and for a quote. Continue scrolling for an overview of offered services. 

I look forward to working with you to bring your piano music to the next level!

"Marianne addresses idiomatic writing for the piano with incredible clarity. As a former pianist myself and a current harp lecturer on idiomatic writing, Marianne answered a lot of questions I've always had about piano music and why different writing styles feel better than others. Her discussion on wingspan, spacing, scalework, and chord voicing was actionable, clear, but still leaves room for nuance, creativity, and experimentation. If you're a composer writing for piano, I highly recommend working with Marianne!"

-Danielle Kuntz, harpist and founder of Toolbox Sessions

Sheet Music Edits
  • Written annotations directly on your PDF score

  • Written document summarizing annotations

Piano Keys
  • Written annotations

  • Video play-through/talk-through of your piece to expand on written annotations

  • Verbal annotations throughout video

Hands girl playing piano
  • Written annotations

  • Video play-through 

  • Verbal annotations

  • Fingering/hand division suggestions for crucial points

Score and video samples taken from J.M. Gerraughty'Night Formations, 3. Dream Of Dawn [transform]

Would your university or high school composition class benefit from this kind of feedback? Invite me for a workshop!

​*These services include non-performance quality video for YOUR editorial purposes only - do not share video without my explicit permission. Discuss professional recording inquiries separately.

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